Forest, Fields, Coastal, Tunnels, Towns – Emergency communication support at short notice.

East Suffolk Raynet for emergency communications infrastructure, planned communication for sporting events, supporting the community and offering solutions to volunteer services, charities and groups that need better-manned communications than users mobile phones to enhance this safety cover.

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RAYNET East Suffolk have a Call-in every Sunday morning at 10:45hrs local time on the Ipswich Repeaters, GB3 PO 145.650MHz  or  GB3 IH 433.100 where news of local events and activities are advertised.

Ipswich is one of the largest towns in East Anglia, situated almost on the mouth of the River Orwell. East Suffolk RAYNET is in an ideal location to help with a number of possible emergency situations bearing in mind the close proximity of Sizewell Nuclear Power Station, the Port of Felixstowe, Mildenhall and Lakenheath Airbases as well as major road and rail links.

If you would like to find out more about Suffolk RAYNET or RAYNET in general then please contact the Group Controller,  Steve Friend 07885 637829 steve.friend@raynet-uk.net if you’re interested in joining East Suffolk RAYNET please contact us or fill out the form on the right.

East Suffolk RAYNET is a member of Suffolk volunteer organisation Group (SVOG)  with structure, membership and direction aimed at supporting the community.  We use a two-way radio to help communications at planned events, functions and call out by using services such as Search and Rescue, St Johns, Public emergency services and charity organisations.

Why RAYNET Formed?

RAYNET was formed in 1953 following the severe East coast flooding, to provide a way of organising the valuable resource that Amateur Radio is able to provide to the community.

Since then, it has grown into a very active organisation with around 2000 members, providing communication assistance on many hundreds of events each year.  Amateur Radio operators have access to a wide range of radio bands, operating modes and equipment which allows RAYNET to offer a unique range of emergency communication services to our user services. Coupled with our member’s endless resourcefulness, RAYNET is regarded as a professional support organisation by both the statutory and volunteer emergency service organisations.

RAYNET Response

RAYNET may be called in to provide a link between the police station or incident control centre if their own radios can’t reach the incident control room base or mobile phones are out of signal to land mass or woodlands.  Our members may be assigned to a search group handling comm’s or working with The Coast Guard,  Ambulance and Fire and Rescue service in times of natural disaster or emergency.

RAYNET Volunteers

None of our volunteers are paid or receive reward and very often use their own and local equipment.  Most RAYNET members are licenced amateur radio enthusiasts although you don’t have to own radio equipment or be an amateur radio licence holder to become a member of RAYNET.   While we are on call 24hrs a day we are not expected to turn out unless practical and doesn’t affect our own personal lives, ensuring membership of RAYNET is still a fun and worthwhile commitment to its members.

National RAYNET

There are many other RAYNET groups all over the UK and the main RAYNET website lists much more information about us.

We do have occasional social gatherings and hope you like the thought of putting something into the community, helping people in times of worry while using radio and your own personal skills to help others. You may have skills in your current employment, previous training and technical knowledge that will help you in your duties with RAYNET and we are looking for new members in 2018 so please do contact us.

Enquiry Booking Information

Please see below download pdf links to our group information brochure and enquiry form for booking to your event.