2012 East Suffolk AGM

Last week (13th November 2012) saw the Annual General Meeting for East Suffolk RAYNET. The meeting was held as usual at the Red Cross Centre, Woodbridge – thanks to Anne – G7DWN for arranging the room and catering.

There was a good turn out for the meeting – with 15 members in attendance and 10 apologies received. A full set of minutes has been completed and distributed – please contact the secretary if you need another copy or did not receive one.  There was some good discussion and a set of actions produced – with target completion dates (see below).

The new Committee for 2012/13 can be seen by clicking this link

Summary of Action Points

 AP1/12                  G7OOW/G8XOR to urgently pursue the recovery of cable from Civic Drive if it is possible as there is considerable value in what we have.  Also to come to a decision on what to do with the installations at Babergh (Hadleigh) and SCDC (Melton Hill)

 AP2/12                  M0JAJ/G7OOW to sort paper work and come up with a business plan for a lottery grant (with regards to Replacement of the Communication Vehicle) over the winter period. This should be completed by 1st March 2013.

 AP3/12                  G6EUO to find out the legal position of high visibility tabards/jackets and other PPE specifically to the use on public roads and report back.

 AP4/12                  2E0JBI as the new Training Officer to pursue the arranging of an internal training exercise – if possible to take place sometime in 2013

 AP5/12                  2E0JBI to arrange some activity/training on the use of HF/NVIS equipment – if possible to take place sometime in 2013

 AP6/12                  G7OOW/G6EUO to circulate a Policy Statement with regards to the claiming of legitimate expenses to all Members by January 1st 2013

 AP7/12                  2E0JBI to arrange bi-monthly meetings either formal training, committee or social for next year

 AP8/12                  G7OOW/G7OPO/M0JAJ to complete the repair of the Caravan window before the next RAYNET duty of 2013

 AP9/12                  G7CIY to make sure that the National RAYNET site links back to our own new site

 AP10/12                M6CUD to arrange the purchase of a Gazebo for use on RAYNET events before the next RAYNET duty of 2013

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