Round The Town Race, Woodbridge.

From the 10 kilometer course

Event date – Sunday of the 20th May

RAYNET have been assisting with communications for the Woodbridge Round The Town Races for many years and it’s normally good weather for such a nice event.  The duty itself starts at around 11:30am and we normally finished by around 14:30hrs.  Some of our operators can’t assist in the role of RAYNET operators, as they are needed in their role as Red Cross staff on the day.

This event is supporting the Red Cross with radio communications cover for the 10 kilometer course in and around the Woodbridge town center.  We are asked to pass voice communications for the Red Cross and actually used the Red Cross frequency and their own hand-sets to be able to have an open channel with them.  We did not log competitors and numbers or use data logging for this event.


This year saw a slight shift and refinement over previous years, with most operators already given their user service provided radios, avoiding the need to travel to the RV point and having to navigate road closures and parking at an already busy location.  This also meant an extra hour in bed for most on the day.  This event is organised each year by the Woodbridge Shufflers with their own volunteers out on the course, not being in direct communication with RAYNET.

We had operators in place for the start, standing down as the last place runner/walker passed through each checkpoint.  The ambulance was coordinated by the Red Cross event coordinator with most direction and traffic handled by the RAYNET event coordinator.  While there was one patient transport needed, the event was quiet and a good job was done by all.


The winner already had a good 3 minute lead on his second lap, finishing just outside the course record having travelled down from Manchester to compete in this year’s Woodbridge Round The Town Races.

RAYNET will be invited back to help again next year with the Woodbridge Round The Town Races 2013 and we thank the organisers for the opportunity to hone our skills and practice our procedures equipment and readiness for call out by other services.

To find out more about what we do, check out the about us page of our website.

RAYNET will be invited back to help again next year with the Woodbridge Round The Town Races 2013

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