Volunteer Radio Communications Provider RAYNET

Forest, Fields, Coastal, Tunnels, Towns – Emergency communication support at short notice.

East Suffolk Raynet for emergency communications infrastructure, planned communication for sporting events, supporting the community and offering solutions to volunteer services, charities and groups that need better manned communications than users mobile phones to enhance this safety cover.

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RAYNET in Suffolk have a Call-in every Sunday morning at 10:45hrs local time on the Ipswich 2m Repeater, GB3 PO, on 145.650MHz.where news of local events and activities are advertised. Forest Heath Group have a weekly call-in at 20:00 Wednesday evenings on 144.625

Ipswich is one of the largest towns in East Anglia, situated almost on the mouth of the River Orwell. East Suffolk RAYNET is in an ideal location to help with a number of possible emergency situations bearing in mind the close proximity of Sizewell Nuclear Power Station, the Port of Felixstowe, Mildenhall and Lakenheath Airbases as well as major road and rail links.

If you would like to find out more about Suffolk RAYNET or RAYNET in general then please contact the Group Controller, Wayne Broyd – G7SMW (g7smw@raynet-uk.net)

Please do join our Facebook page and keep up to date with this www.east-suffolk-raynet.co.uk web site and if you’re interested in joining East Suffolk RAYNET please contact us or fill out the form on the right.