Mike 2E0XFH

One of our members Mike 2E0XFH, sadly passed away after a road collision .Our thoughts go out to Mikes wife and family at this very sad time

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Peter G8BLS

Sadly Peter Best G8BLS – one of our members has passed away.

Peter was a long standing member of East Suffolk Raynet and was always giving up his time and skills to help others learn and understand radio.Peter was also very active in scouting in the local area.

Im sure our thoughts will be for Peters family at this sad time.

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Map Reading Training Presentation

It was great to see good support for the recent training evening. As promissed at the meeting, please find the PowerPoint presentation from Mark – G7UQV. Click on RAYNET to see the presentation

Many Thanks

Keith – G7CIY

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Tribute Event For The Great Floods of 1953

As a group we decided to organise an event to remember the work done by radio amateurs 60 years ago for the great floods of 1953. On Thursday 31st January we setup communications at Land-Guard Fort Felixstowe to make contact with other Raynet members in East Anglia. The night started at 19.00 and Peter G8BLS had setup HF with a long wire and vertical VHF antenna from a mast with the radio’s in his car. It soon was apparent that due to the weather conditions 40 mph winds and cold temperature that we needed a control to manage so Keith G1SAR/G7CIY was appointed the network controller. Some of our members were mobile traveling around to test our simplex range which we found very good from our location, the night was very interesting with many contacts on VHF simplex from all over East Anglia.

RAYNET Communications Training Exercise

60th Anniversary commemorating 1953 Floods

Date: Thursday 31/01/13 19.00 – 21.30

Station ID – G1SAR, Rendlesham – JO02QD

Call Sign Location Signal/Report
G7SCR* Languard Point GR – 5/+60
M0JAJ Languard Point GR – 5/9
M1TES/M Heard on GB3PO
G7DNT/M Heard on GB3PO
2E0BZM/M Heard on GB3PO
G7SMW/2E0TYL/M Woodbridge GR – 5/+60
2E0TNG/M Stowmarket GR – 5/9+
2EOIPT Kirton GR – 5/+60
G6MCG Felixstowe? GR – 5/+60
M5AJB Braintree, Essex GR – 5/6
G7SMW/2EOTYL/M Orford Quay GR – 5/+60
G7SMW/2EOTYL/M Slaughden Quay GR – 5/+60
G7SMW/2EOTYL/M Thorpeness GR – 5/10+
G0FEI Belton, Great Yarmouth GR – 5/5
G0LPO Braintree GR – 5/7
G0MXN Between Norwich and Yarmouth GR – 5/7
G8VZZ East Lane GR – 5/+60
G8VZZ Shingle Street GR – 5/+60
G8VZZ Woodbridge GR – 5/+60
M6ECG Brightlingsea UR/RD – 2/2
G7NJB Isle of Sheppey GR/RD – 5/9 – 3/3 (QSB)
G0GYY Walton on Naze GR – 5/+60
M6OWK Martlesham GR – 5/7
M1ACB/M Aldeburgh GR – 5/+60
M6BFF Felixstowe GR – 5/9+
GX3JRM Lowestoft GR – 5/6
G0TRM Danbury UR – 2/2
M0NTY Dovercourt GR – 5/+60
  • GR – Good Readable; RD – Readable with difficulty; UR – Unreadable
  • * Other callsigns heard operating G7SCR – G8LBS,G7OPO, M0JAJ, 2E0JBI, G7OOW


Date: Thursday 31/01/13 19.00 – 21.30

Station ID – G7SMW/M & 2E0TYL/M

Please note one thing mentioned by many operators on the night that most signals were very fluttery and up and down in signal strength. The logged signal strengths are the best received at the stated location, the radio used was a Alinco DR 610 – I mainly transmitted 50w and had a VHF ¼ Wave whip on the car.

While on route from Woodbridge to Orford we were listening on 145.225Mhz . G1 SAR was 5/9 the whole route – G7SCR was at best 5/4 – to nothing – G8VZZ could be heard on odd TX 5/2 at best and G6MCG was a 5/5 most of the route. I transmitted to G7SCR from Sudbourne area and Peter reported the signal was from readable to unreadable.

Location one – Orford Quay – TM424 495


Moblie 5/9         H/held 5/8

G8VZZ at Bawdsey

Mobile 5/7         H/held 5/2

G7SCR  Felixstowe

Mobile 5/7         H/held 5/5

On route a station from Norwich area I beleave was at best  was RX 5/3 but not heard at Aldeburgh.

Location Two – Aldeburgh – TM463 553

2E0IPT Kirton

Mobile 5/3         H/held – nothing RX


Mobile 5/8         H/held 5/5

G8VZZ East Lane

Mobile 5/3         H/held 5/1

G7SCR Felixstowe

Mobile 5/7         H/held 5/2

Couldn’t really hear the station in Isle of Sheppy – did just break squelch a few times

G0GYY Walton on Naze

Moblie 5/3         H/held 5/1

M1ACB Aldeburgh

Could hear without an antenna  lol !

Location Three – Thorpeness – TM472 594


Mobile 5/8         H/held 5/6

M1ACB Aldeburgh

Mobile 5/9         H/held 5/9

G7SCR Felixstowe

Mobile 5/5         H/held 5/2

G0GYY Walton on Naze

Nothing RX


Only just broke squelch a few times but not able to work.

G8VZZ Woodbridge

Mobile 5/2         H/held not tried

Station at Lowestoft not heard.

Thursday 31/01.13 19.05 – 21.00

Station ID – 2E0IPT


5 Watt Wouxun handheld with a collinear antenna positioned on the house.

Call Sign Location Signal/Report
G1SAR Rendlesham GR – 5/9
G7SCR Felixstowe GR – 5/9
G6MCG GR – 5/9
2E0TNG GR – 5/9
G8VZZ GR – 5/9
M5AJB GR – 5/5
G0LPO RD – 5/7
M6ECG RD – 5/3
G7NJB GR-5/9 – RD – 1/5
G7SWM & 2E0TYL Orford Quay RD – 5/3
G0FEI Great Yarmouth
G0MXN Acle
  • GR – Good Readable; RD – Readable with difficulty; UR – Unreadable


Thursday 31/01/13 19.00 – 21.00

Station ID –  M1ACB/M Aldeburgh


Call Sign Location Signal/Report
G1SAR Rendlesham GR – 5/9
G&SMW/M & 2E0TYL/M GR – 5/9
2E0IPT GR – 5/5
G8VZZ GR – 5/9+
G7SCR GR – 5/7
G0GYY GR – 5/6
M6BFF RD – 4/5
GX3JRM RD – 3/2
M0MTY GR – 5/9+
  • GR – Good Readable; RD – Readable with difficulty; UR – Unreadable


On Saturday 2/02/13 we setup communications with our caravan and Peter G8BLS setup HF from his car. The weather was still cold with strong winds and winter rain but we had lots of people visiting to say hello. The Saturday proved to be the best for HF contacts with the special event station being contacted which was setup to commemorative the floods in Holland.

Another Storm On Its Way Through

Thanks to Mike 2E0BZM for the great pictures


Station ID – G7SCR, Landguard Point – JO02

Saturday 2nd Feb 2013 HF Station Band 40metres 7.100MHz

Call Sign Location Signal/Report
G3OBZ Woodhall Spa 5/9+10
PA5EDB Harderwijk, Holland 5/9+20
PA60WNR Flood Museum, Holland 5/9+30
G0VPJ Dorset 5/9+30, RAYNET
G0DUB Chester 5/9+, RAYNET
M1ACB Ipswich 5/9+
G0VBI Islington 5/9
G7VNN Gislingham 5/9
GM3OWU Edinburgh 5/9
G8EKG Burton on Trent 5/9
M0VFC Cambridge 5/9+, RAYNET
M3ZXX Shropshire 5/9+
G6NYG Bromsgrove 5/9
M0PNN Newport, Shropshire 5/9
PA3AYG Nijverdal, Holland 5/9
PD2EZ Zelhem, Holland 5/9
G4MVX London 5/9
ON5SWA Zandhoven, Belgium 5/9
M0ZAE Bedford 5/9
PD2ATG Den Haag, Holland 5/9
M5AEH Ipswich 5/9
G3KLY Newcastle-u-Lyme 5/9+20
2E0LWB/P Cuffley 5/9+20
MM1CCR Stirling, Scotland 5/9+10
G4UST Shrewsbury 5/9+30
2E0PFG Thetford 5/9+30
G7NEH Chester 5/9, RAYNET
F4FUB France 5/9+20
PA7RL Den Haag, Holland 5/9+20
GW4OZU Pembrokeshire, Wales 5/9+20
M6PAP Sussex 5/9+20, RAYNET
M6DCR Medway 5/9+20
F5BTH Castelnaudary, France 4/8
G4ROJ/P Kidderminster 5/9+20
G1MCR Merseyside 5/9+20, RAYNET
G4HPE Cambridge 5/9+30, RAYNET
2E0DKW London 5/9
M0RBM Bude 5/9
M6HES Offton 5/7
GW7VJK Llandovery, West Wales 5/9+30
EI7GUB Dublin 5/9
G3PYI Cheltenham 5/9
F5VNA France 5/8
PA3MB Arnhem 5/9+10
G0IIQ Grimsby 5/9
G4OZG Kings Lynn, Norfolk 5/9. N Anglia RAYNET

Saturday 2/02/13

Station ID – G7SCR Land-Guard Point Felixstowe


Call Sign Location Signal/Report
G7CIY/M GR – 5/9+
G0CJX Saxmundham GR – 5/5
2E0IPT/M Kirton GR – 5/9
2E0BZM Ardliegh GR – 7/4
G7UQV/M GR–5/9
M6BSF Felixstowe GR–5/9
M6MBF/M GR –5/9
  • GR – Good Readable; RD – Readable with difficulty; UR – Unreadable

Over all its was a great exercise with very interesting contacts made with lessons learned . My thanks goes out to everyone who helped in this event to make this a great success.



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2012 East Suffolk AGM

Last week (13th November 2012) saw the Annual General Meeting for East Suffolk RAYNET. The meeting was held as usual at the Red Cross Centre, Woodbridge – thanks to Anne – G7DWN for arranging the room and catering.

There was a good turn out for the meeting – with 15 members in attendance and 10 apologies received. A full set of minutes has been completed and distributed – please contact the secretary if you need another copy or did not receive one.  There was some good discussion and a set of actions produced – with target completion dates (see below).

The new Committee for 2012/13 can be seen by clicking this link

Summary of Action Points

 AP1/12                  G7OOW/G8XOR to urgently pursue the recovery of cable from Civic Drive if it is possible as there is considerable value in what we have.  Also to come to a decision on what to do with the installations at Babergh (Hadleigh) and SCDC (Melton Hill)

 AP2/12                  M0JAJ/G7OOW to sort paper work and come up with a business plan for a lottery grant (with regards to Replacement of the Communication Vehicle) over the winter period. This should be completed by 1st March 2013.

 AP3/12                  G6EUO to find out the legal position of high visibility tabards/jackets and other PPE specifically to the use on public roads and report back.

 AP4/12                  2E0JBI as the new Training Officer to pursue the arranging of an internal training exercise – if possible to take place sometime in 2013

 AP5/12                  2E0JBI to arrange some activity/training on the use of HF/NVIS equipment – if possible to take place sometime in 2013

 AP6/12                  G7OOW/G6EUO to circulate a Policy Statement with regards to the claiming of legitimate expenses to all Members by January 1st 2013

 AP7/12                  2E0JBI to arrange bi-monthly meetings either formal training, committee or social for next year

 AP8/12                  G7OOW/G7OPO/M0JAJ to complete the repair of the Caravan window before the next RAYNET duty of 2013

 AP9/12                  G7CIY to make sure that the National RAYNET site links back to our own new site

 AP10/12                M6CUD to arrange the purchase of a Gazebo for use on RAYNET events before the next RAYNET duty of 2013

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